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Impulse Ensemble Sample from Robbie Leppzer on Vimeo.

Impulse: an elusive, momentary constellation of forces within human consciousness; a snapshot of the human body-mind in action.

I m p u l s e   E n s e m b l e:

A red-hot way-cool free-flow fusion of World Music, Jazz and Spoken Word.

Tony Vacca: balafon, gongs, percussion, spoken word. Jim Matus: electric laoutar, vocals. Derrik Jordan: electric violin, percussion, vocals.

Tony Vacca, Jim Matus and Derrik Jordan are three musicians and composers with some unlikely common ground. They share a special interest in the converging traditions and innovations that are constantly redefining what it is to be an American musician at this point in time.

They are passionate and mesmerizing performers on their respective instruments, equally at home in a written composition or in a totally free-form improvisation. They have each produced many recordings of their own music, and have traveled far and wide in pursuit of their visions. In creating Impulse Ensemble they are combining forces to make some truly extraordinary music.

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Slide show from concert at Northampton Center for the Arts